In June 2016, Sudbury’s three postsecondary institutions—Cambrian College, Collège Boréal, and Laurentian University—signed a partnership agreement with the support of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) to leverage and support their international and Indigenous recruitment efforts.

The partnership aligned with the MTCU’s policy and directives on Student Learning; Access and Equity; Innovation, Economic Development and Community Engagement; Institutional Collaborations and Partnerships.

Group of young people studying
A man and woman study in a library


The logo was created as an Indigenous recruitment tool reflecting Anishinaabe culture and place. N’Swakamok which means where the three roads meet is representative of Sudbury and the three institutions (Cambrian, Laurentian and Boréal) working together to achieve a common goal. Inspired by both the birch bark canoe and the many lakes around us, this concept uses overlapping birch trees to form the body of the canoe. A relationship with the water is represented with rippling waves that move within the logo. In the water lies three main spheres which symbolize the collaboration between the three institutes in their own brand colours. The colours of the water are pulled from the hues of the Northern lights and the bow of the canoe faces up towards the North as a pathway to higher education.