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Laurentian University specific FAQ pages2020-11-26T15:37:58-05:00

Laurentian University: FAQ

College specific FAQ pages2020-12-02T09:19:30-05:00


Cambrian College: Cambrian Experience

Collège Boréal:  Questions et réponses

Cultural Connections2020-11-26T15:40:30-05:00

Cambrian College: CSC Food Bank Order Form

Collège Boréal food bank/banque alimentaire: fondation@collegeboreal.ca

Laurentian University: Laurentian Students’ Food Bank

Greater Sudbury: Banque d’aliments Sudbury Food Bank – Fighting Hunger Feeding Hope


Health clinics?2020-12-02T14:42:15-05:00
What daycare resources are available?2020-11-26T15:45:16-05:00
What is the purpose of the N’Swakamok Education Initiative?2020-11-26T15:57:37-05:00

The N’Swakamok Education Initiative, through the partnership of Cambrian College, Collège Boréal and Laurentian University, is creating pathways to postsecondary education and research for Indigenous youth and future leaders in our northern communities.

What community resources are available for students?2020-11-26T15:46:28-05:00
What housing options are available for students?2020-11-26T15:47:10-05:00

Cambrian College: Cambrian Residence

Collège Boréal: Résidences

Laurentian University: Residences

Greater Sudbury: www.ontarioaboriginalhousing.ca

Native People of Sudbury Development Corporation. www.nativehousing.org


What funding options are available?2020-11-26T15:49:32-05:00
How do I apply to University?2020-11-26T15:49:49-05:00
How do I apply to College?2020-11-26T15:50:02-05:00
What does “N’Swakamok” mean (definition):2020-11-26T15:57:39-05:00

The literal translation of N’Swakamok is when a tree forks and has 3 different crooks in the tree.

N’Swakamok teaches us of the different paths that can be taken. 

Over time the word N’swakamok took on various parallel meanings; Indigenous Peoples started using the word N’Swakamok to represent Sudbury due to the Three roads that lead into Sudbury.

3 Paths – 3 Roads – 3 Educational Institutions


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