Laurentian University Testimony

“Being a student at Laurentian has been amazing! I could not have been successful without the support from everyone at the Indigenous Student Affairs office. They helped me learn what it means to be a strong Anishinaabe-kwe in my community and in academia.”

Stepfanie Johnston, Indigenous Studies specialization with minor in Indigenous Healing and Wellness

“Indigenous Studies at the University of Sudbury is a warm and welcoming place.  Everyone wants you to succeed and will help you to do so.  The program is well-rounded with traditional teachings, modern techniques, hands-on and scholarly methods, allowing students to find out how THEY want to learn.  It brings Indigenous and non-Indigenous people together so they can see a common ground and develop better ways of interacting with one another with the goal of prosperity for all.”

Kayla Burgess, graduate

“Life is about making choices and the best choice that I have made within academia is choosing the University of Sudbury’s Indigenous Studies program. Not only has the higher learning enabled a greater understanding of life, but it has contributed to meaningful capacity building at both an individual and community level.”

Crystal Osawamick, graduate

“My choice to attend the University of Sudbury was intentional and based on the following academic and personal criteria: diversity, excellence and relevance of course and program offerings delivered in an inclusive, supportive and nurturing academic environment.”

Giidaakunadaad (Nancy Rowe Henry), graduate
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